3D printed containers with a futuristic aesthetic and more!


Custom geometric structures designed for your needs.


Innovative projects we've completed or are currently developing.


Support our ventures by purchasing some merchandise.


“This new power for the driving of the World's machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe.”

     - Nikola Tesla


“Evolution is a constant process of change and adaptation. There will always be challenges, what changes is how you react to them.”

     - Niko Bhagwandin


Nikobotics is a lean solutions engineering team, founded as a catalyst to foster technological propagation. We are a multidisciplinary group of engineers eager to create the new world. Our focus is on idea development and mechatronic prototyping. We blend our skills together to fabricate dreams into reality.

We are a grassroots startup from the Greater Seattle Area. Deeply fascinated with inventing the future since childhood, from Lego kingdoms to our machine shop. Our dreams and imaginations are now becoming a reality. Our innovative mindset is birthed from embracing failure as a learning asset. With 6 years of developing robotic solutions to overcome various challenges, we are ready to lend a hand to help bring your unique visions to life.

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