NIKOPODS are a unique new way to store your valuables and trinkets. These 3-D printed pods come in many different materials, designs and sizes. We offer custom designs as well, make an inquiry if you'd like to submit artwork or model ideas. As one of NIKOBOTICS very first products, the NIKOPODS is an iconic collectors item.

Fire Staff Glow Mod

This glow mod will convert your existing fire staff into one that emits LED light. It features 10 powerful RGB LEDs on each end, contained in a dust and waterproof capsule. A remote conveniently sets the color, brightness or light pattern. The parts are 3D printed with a glow in the dark material so they are constantly charged up by the LEDs and will maintain their luminesce in case of power loss.

Dual-Input Adapter

Synthesizes audio input from multiple sources combining them into one. For example, this can enable users to synthesize input from a third party chat system and console audio into a single sound system or pair of headphones.


Fabricate Your Reality

If you would like to know more about our gadgets please contact us. We use state of the art computer modeling packages coupled with additive manufacturing to create unique gadgets and devices to suit your needs.

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