The Dome Housing Project's main focus is to provide cost effective temporary shelter for inhabitants with our Dome-esque structures. Our unique dome shelters provide 150 square feet of protection from hazardous environmental conditions. The insulation and vinyl cover allows for these shelters to be lightweight and suitable for temporary relief housing.

A-001-Diamond Dome MkI.PNG

Base Specifications

  • Built for 2 can accommodate 8

    • 1 dweller recommended during the pandemic​

  • 150 square feet of floor space

  • UV stable, waterproof, breathable and mold resistant vinyl cover

  • Insulated walls

    • 1 in Thermashealth-3 foam board

  • 2 tinted privacy windows

  • Ventilated ceiling duct

  • High wind and weather resistance


MVP Model - 3200

Minimal Viable Product, includes the essentials.

Consisting of the main frame, insulative envelope, lockable door, windows and roof vent.

Lead time 1-2 months.

Standard Model - 3600

The standard model includes the same components as the MVP model,

With added LED lighting system and added ventilation fans to increase interior air quality and circulation. Power source not included.

Lead time 2-3 months.

Premium Model - 4400

Adds power storage and management system, smart phone charging station, filtered air supply and solar panels.

This model has all the bells and whistles, to allow inhabitants a 21st century way of living while slowly detaching from the grid.

Lead time available upon inquiry.

MVP Model - 3200
MVP Model - 3200
MVP Model - 3200
MVP Model - 3200
MVP Model - 3200


While still in development the Dome Housing Project can be supported by donating to our Ethereum or Bitcoin Wallet, or our Venmo listed below. A Go Fund Me crowdfunding campaign will be launched soon so stay tuned!

  • Venmo: @Nikobotics

  • Bitcoin: bc1q6x3vzew7f9trag0xcf8h04lvdgyy0cejztgqgg