The robotics industry is an ever-growing field. Nowadays, businesses small and large are finding it cheaper to roboticize their operations. Nikobotics wants to capitalize on this expansion and make innovative changes in the industry. In this domain we are currently developing new projects.


  • Quadrotor Drones

  • Arms and End Effectors

  • Biomimicry

  • Control Systems

Process Semi-Automation

The reality of automation is that it can be too cumbersome for full implementation, as it gets hindered by numerous variable inputs. However, semi-automation can be applied to nearly any industry to enhance its performance. This is a method focuses on creating smart tools that amplify the human in the loop. Semi-automation is swift, nimble and efficient.

  • Modular Robotic Units

  • Remote Adjustment Devices

  • Custom Tooling and Fixtures

  • WiFi Connected Microcontrollers

Fabricate Your Reality

We will design and build custom electromechanical prototypes and products to help your ideas become realized. Reach out with details about your project or challenge and we will get back to you soon. We are currently providing in-house low batch 3D printing.

Contact us with your questions or design requests.

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