The robotics industry is an ever-growing field. Nowadays, businesses small and large are finding it cheaper to roboticize their operations. Nikobotics wants to capitalize on this expansion and make innovative changes in the industry. In this domain we are currently developing new projects.


  • Quadrotor Drones

  • Multi Axis Manipulation Arms 

  • Electric All Terrain Vehicles

  • Control Systems



Developing a low cost, crash resistant drone. Including a custom electronics package and unique flight algorithms.

Carbon-6 MK III

6-axis robotic arm for Mars rover prototype built by the Husky Robotics team at the University of Washington.



Inspired from Theo Jansen's Strandbeest, this is a project to create a 6 legged walking vehicle to explore locomotion methods that mimic nature.

Adaptive Gripper

End effector designed for the Husky Robotics rover. Allows for both parallel and encompassing grip. Equipped with laser sight, camera, and typing mechanism.


Carbon-6 Mk I

6-axis robotic arm for a prototype Mars rover. Created with the Husky Robotics Team at the University of Washington.

H.R.P. Mk1

First attempt at designing a humanistic robotic prehensile, with the goal of creating a high-performing 3D printed hand.

3D HRP_Mk1 15.jpg

Songbird Arm

A 5-axis robotic arm designed to lift 5kg for a prototype mars rover created by the Husky Robotics Team​.

FIRST Robotics Challenge


While on FIRST Robotics Competition team 4060, we designed a track system with passive suspension for optimal terrain traversal. A Lightweight air powered grappling hook. 


Performance Computer Builds

Custom computer build for all of your computing needs, from gaming to cryptoMining. We can customize hardware to your request to meet your standards and specifications.

Process Semi-Automation

The reality of automation is that it is too cumbersome for easy implementation as it gets hindered by numerous and variable inputs. However, semi-automation can be applied to nearly any industry to enhance its performance with the aid of modern technology. This is a method focuses on creating smart tools that amplify the human in the loop. Semi automation is swift, nimble and efficient.

  • Wifi connected microcontrollers

  • Remote Adjustment Devices

  • Custom Tooling

  • Modular Control Boards

Custom Order

Engineering is a big part of what we do, from drones, to all terrain vehicles to diverse gripping devices. We can design and build products for all of your needs. Contact us to request a product or custom build.

Contact us with your questions and design requests.


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