Diamond Dome

The Diamond Dome is our latest development in the realm of portable shelters. It's unique geometry simplifies manufacturing and setup time making it cost efficient. The sloped sides and insulated walls makes it highly weather resistant. These attributes makes it ideal for extreme camping and housing relief.


NIKOBOTICS is working behind the scenes to use this shelter in the Dome Housing Project, a community focused mission to provide shelter for those without a roof.

Diamond Dome O5.png

Event Domes

Our large scale geodesic domes make for a great temporary music venue. This 60 ft diameter event dome provides great protection from the weather. We can also install sound insulation to minimize noise pollution.

Contact us if you want this dome, or a similar one setup for your event. We are based in Washington but can be transported by truck anywhere in the country.

Custom Structures

NIKOBOTICS has partnered with New Domension LLC to bring their expertise in geodesic structures and metal fabrication to our team. This enables us to create and manufacture custom dome configurations, adding in a variety of windows, doorways, and connection tunnels. The possibilities are endless.

Geodesic Domes

Our rugged camping dome is made of aircraft grade aluminum, and will revolutionize your experience. 

The standard size has a 10 ft. diameter, which allows for a parachute to be used as a surrounding cover.

*Parachute cover not shown.

10FT 5/8 Dome

This dome is crafted from solid rods of 6061 aluminum to create a sturdy geodesic frame. This allows it to withstand the toughest conditions, support multiple people climbing on it and can hang up to 3 hammocks inside. It has 270 parts in all and can be built in 3-6 hours.


Request a Quote

From large scale event staging, to personal camping coves. We construct structures with with different sizes and materials based on your needs. Our partnership with the New Domension LLC ensures the highest manufacturing standards. Lead time varies from 4-10 weeks depending on the scope and size of the project.

Please contact us with your questions or design requests.

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